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Liquid Flow Switches Air Flow Switches Liquid Flow Transmitters Air Flow Transmitters
A wide variety of flow switch technologies to address nearly any application.

Mechanical Types- that provide a simple and low cost solution

Electronic switches- for applications requiring sensitive measurement , more versatile features and can address a wide variety of media such as viscous, or petroleum based.

Outputs can be via Relay (dry contact), or Transistor switch, and with or without flow displays.

Mechanical Types- for detecting and proving air flow in ducts or pipes.

Electronic (calorimetric) types- for applications requiring very low flow detection or leaks or for monitoring flow in ducts, fans, and monitoring compressed air flow in small or large pipes.

Outputs can be via Relay (dry contact), or Transistor switch, and with or without flow displays. 

For transmitting the quantitative measurement of flow rate of water, oil or chemical based media.

Pipe Diameters – from 2mm O.D. to 100 Inches O.D.

Flow Ranges – from 0.2 ml/min to 1,000,000 GPM

Mechanical Types– Turbine, Paddlewheel, Bellows

Electronic (calorimetric) - For monitoring very low flows with no moving parts.


For measurement and display of air flow rates in ducts, pipes, ventilation systems, and compressed air systems.

Mechanical– Turbine, Paddlewheel, Bellows

Solid State (No Moving Parts) - Calorimetric, Differential Pressure

Outputs can be Pulse, 4-20MA, Frequency, Voltage and with or without displays.


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Flow Network specializes in sensing products for Liquid and Air Flow, Pressure, Level, and Temperature. We supply only the highest quality, time tested products and support them with many years of industrial applications experience.

Flow Network

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Flow Network

Pro-Vu Digital Panel meter Pro-Vu Digital Panel meter

The PRO-VU is the perfect choice for process applications (Flow Level Pressure Temp)When accuracy, functionality, and ease of set up are required.
DUK Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeter DUK Compact Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The DUK flow meters are used for measuring, monitoring, metering, and batching of low viscosity fluids. The devices work on the principle of run time difference. 
MIK Compact Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter MIK - Compact Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter

The MIK series magneto-inductive flowmeter is the perfect solution for measuring the flow of conductive liquids in applications where the reliability and low pressure loss of a magmeter is desired at an economical price compared to higher end models. 
Our Product Range


Liquid Flow Switches / Meters


Low Volume Flow Switches Calorimetric Flow Switches Variable Area Flow Switches Differential Pressure  Flow Switches Thermal Mass Flow Switches Mag Meters Ultrasonic  Flow Switches
Low Volume Flow Switches  Calorimetric Flow Switches  Variable Area Flow Switches  Variable Area (Viscosity Compensating)  Thermal Mass Flow Switches  Mag Meters  Ultrasonic
Flow Switches


Positive Displacement Flow Switch Paddle  Flow Switches Float Type Flow Switches Differential Pressure  Flow Switches Paddle  Flow Switches Acrylic Flowmeter Stainless  Flow Switch
Positive Displacement Flow Switch  Paddle 
Flow Switches
 Float Type Flow Switches Differential Pressure 
Flow Switches
 Insertion Type
Flow Switches
Acrylic Flowmeter Rugged Stainless 
Flow Switch


Plastic Flowmeter and Switch Flow Rate Monitors Automatic Setpoint  Flow Switch Cooling System Flow Switch Compact Size Flow Switch Thermal  Flow Switch  
Plastic Flowmeter and Switch Flow Rate Monitors  Automatic Setpoint 
Flow Switch
Compact Size Flow Switch Cooling System Switch  Thermal 
Flow Switch


Liquid Flow Transmitters


Calorimetric Flow Transmitters Variable Area  Rotameter Variable Area/ Viscosity Compensating Paddle Flow Transmitters Low Cost  Low Flow Flowmeters Paddle Wheel Flowmeter Rate Meter & Totalizer
Calorimetric Flow Transmitters  Variable Area  Rotameter  Variable Area/ Viscosity Compensating  Paddle Flow Transmitters  Low Cost
Low Flow Flowmeters
 Paddle Wheel Flowmeter  Rate Meter & Totalizer


Turbine Flow Meter Vortex Flowmeter and Switch Differential Flow Switches and Meters        
Flow Meter
  Vortex Flowmeter
and Switch
 Differential Flow Switches and Meters        

Air Flow Switches / Meters / Air flow Transmitters


Low Volume Microflow meters Calorimetric  Air  Flow Switches Variable Area  Rotameter Differential Pressure  Flow Switches Paddle Type (Sail Switch) Calorimetric  Air Flow  Transmitters Variable Area  Rotameter
Low Volume Microflow
Flow Switches
 Variable Area / Rotameter  Differential Pressure 
Flow Switches
 Paddle Type
(Sail Switch)
 Calorimetric Air 
Flow  Transmitters
 Variable Area / Rotameter


Differential Pressure  Flow Switches Direct  Reading Flowmeters High Pressure All Metal Flowmeters        
Differential Pressure Flow Switches  Direct Reading Flowmeters  High Pressure
All Metal

Level Sensors, Flow Indicators, Display / Controls


Mechanical Float Level Switches Ultrasonic Level Sensors Vibrating Level Switches Compact Conductive Level Switches Economical Level Indicators Sight Flow Indications Flow Rate Meters
Mechanical Float Level Switches  Ultrasonic Level Sensors  Vibrating Level Switches  Compact Conductive Level Switches  Economical Level Indicators  Sight Flow Indications  Flow Rate Meters


Mechanical Totalizers Display (Meters Controllers) Analog Displays        
Mechanical Totalizers  Display
(Meters Controllers)
 Analog Displays        

Pressure, Temperature


Pressure  Sensors Digital  Gauges Mechanical Pressure Switches Compact Pressure Switches Digital  Pressure Switches Pressure Transmitter Temperature Switches
 Mechanical Pressure Switches  Compact Pressure Switches  Digital Pressure Switches  Pressure Transmitter  Temperature Switches


Thermal Reed Temperature Switch Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transmitters Indicators        
Thermal Reed Temperature Switch  Temperature Transmitter Temperature Transmitters Indicators        


Automatic Flow Regulating Valve Switching Power  Supplies Supply Units        
 Automatic Flow Regulating Valve Switching Power Supplies Supply Units