Liquid Flow Switches

A wide variety of flow switch technologies to address nearly any application.

Mechanical Types- that provide a simple and low cost solution

Electronic switches- for applications requiring sensitive measurement , more versatile features and can address a wide variety of media such as viscous, or petroleum based.

Outputs can be via Relay (dry contact), or Transistor switch, and with or without flow displays.

Air Flow Switches

Mechanical Types- for detecting and proving air flow in ducts or pipes.

Electronic (calorimetric) types- for applications requiring very low flow detection or leaks or for monitoring flow in ducts, fans, and monitoring compressed air flow in small or large pipes.

Outputs can be via Relay (dry contact), or Transistor switch, and with or without flow displays. 


Liquid Flow Transmitters

For transmitting the quantitative measurement of flow rate of water, oil or chemical based media.

Pipe Diameters – from 2mm O.D. to 100 Inches O.D.

Flow Ranges – from 0.2 ml/min to 1,000,000 GPM

Mechanical Types– Turbine, Paddlewheel, Bellows

Electronic (calorimetric) - For monitoring very low flows with no moving parts.


Air Flow Transmitters

For measurement and display of air flow rates in ducts, pipes, ventilation systems, and compressed air systems.

Mechanical– Turbine, Paddlewheel, Bellows

Solid State (No Moving Parts) - Calorimetric, Differential Pressure

Outputs can be Pulse, 4-20MA, Frequency, Voltage and with or without displays.




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New Products Announcement

PAD - Heavy Duty Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential Pressure Transmitter model PAD is a microprocessor based high performance transmitter. It has flexible pressure calibration and output
KSK - Plastic Flowmeter and Switch

PAS - Heavy Duty Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter model PAS is a microprocessor based high performance transmitter, which has a scalable pressure calibration and output signal
MIK Compact Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter

MIK Compact Magneto-Inductive Flowmeter

 The MIK flow meter is used for measuring and monitoring small to medium-sized flows of conductive liquids in pipes. The sensor operates according to…


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