Air Flow Switches

Mechanical Types- for detecting and proving air flow in ducts or pipes.

Electronic (calorimetric) types- for applications requiring very low flow detection or leaks or for monitoring flow in ducts, fans, and monitoring compressed air flow in small or large pipes.

Outputs can be via Relay (dry contact), or Transistor switch, and with or without flow displays. 

Low Volume Microflow meters Calorimetric  Air  Flow Switches Variable Area  Rotameter Differential Pressure  Flow Switches Paddle Type (Sail Switch) Calorimetric  Air Flow  Transmitters Variable Area  Rotameter
Low Volume - Microflow meters  Calorimetric Air Flow Switches  Variable Area / Rotameter  Differential Pressure Flow Switches  Paddle Type
(Sail Switch)
 Calorimetric Air Flow Transmitters  Variable Area / Rotameter


Differential Pressure  Flow Switches Direct  Reading Flowmeters High Pressure All Metal Flowmeters        
Differential Pressure Flow Switches  Direct Reading Flowmeters  High Pressure All Metal Flowmeters