Flow Rate Meters

EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & Totalizer

 EDM - Battery Powered Rate Meter & TotalizerThe EDM turbine fl owmeter measures the fl ow of water and low viscosity liquids ranging from 0.3 GPM to 300 GPM.

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Paddle Wheel Flow Rate Indicator & Totalizer

 Paddle Wheel Flow Rate Indicator & TotalizerThis microprocessor based flow meter utilizes an 8 digit liquid crystal display (LCD). Isolated monitoring locations are also viable as power is supplied by a five to seven year long-life battery.

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DF-K - Paddle Wheel Flowmeter with Setpoints

 DF-K - Paddle Wheel Flowmeter with SetpointsThe main feature of the DF flow sensor is the incorporation of a multipole magnet ring into the paddlewheel.

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